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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just your average Saturday

After an absoutely nutty week, I was really hoping to have a laid-back weekend.  Psssht.  Fat chance.
Following a quick-and-not-so-thorough clean of the pigsty we call a house, I took the little dude on a 90-min power-shopping trip (remind me again why I had children whose birthdays are 10 days apart?!  Holy party-planning, Batman!). Then we went over to the fields to cheer on our favorite soccer player...

Our little star forward had a great 1st game of the season -- scored two goals!  Plus she met a bunch of new friends and did a great job of cheering her team on.  We had a beautiful day for a game too!


My saintly husband helped me spend our entire afternoon on a "little" project (the kiddos' birthday present!):

This was my incredible-bargain-impulse-purchase: $100 discount because of a "broken door" which had been repaired by the store (not clear where / if it was even broken!)  There was not a single thing wrong with it otherwise, other than seemingly the assembly instructions were compsed in Bosnian.  The grownups are exahusted, sunburnt, and ready to let the chlidren go LIVE there after all the blood, sweat, and swear words we put into that thing!  But it's SUPER cute, and the kids are loving their new little house!  So I'm pretty proud of my deal-hunting self right now.

2 very dirty and played-out kiddos, hangin' out in their new digs.  They patiently played outside for almost 4 whole hours while we put this badboy together!  They're already making plans for all the "stuff" they're going to bring out there.


Aahhhhhhh...  That hits the spot!  Note my fine china... heck no, I'm not doing dishes!!

All in all, not a bad day. Nighty-night!

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