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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our Deck Just WHAT?

In a matter of seven short days, we have had some crazy stuff happen at our house! It has been an exhausting week to say the least. Last Friday, our deck fell off our house. Yes, indeed it did. Fell right off. All that snow we’ve had this winter, and it just caved. Fortunately, we are covered under our homeowner’s insurance policy. It was a pretty old deck, and we are very glad that we can replace it with something sturdy and new, but it still sucks.

The busted up deck - our new grill survived, though! 

Last Saturday (while Lil' Man stayed home with his favorite sitter) Jordan, myself, The Princess, Uncle Shad & a family friend took a little mini ski-trip. We all had a really great time and the weather was beautiful; it was a fabulous day! But on the way home, The Princess complained of a tummy ache, and once we got back home we soon found out why: the hard way. Our poor (bestest babysitter ever and don’t you forget it) friend Carissa got a lapful of kid barf. And it didn’t stop there. She had a high fever and was throwing up for 2 days straight, then passed the torch to Mommy (thanks, kid). I was pretty much knocked out for 2 full days as well, and after the throwing up stopped it took both of us 2 or 3 more days before we felt ‘human’ to say the least. Ugh. Fortunately, the boys managed to avoid that lovely little bug.

Sick kiddo snuggled up with Tweek on the couch.  Poor baby.

Enough of the ‘bad’ crazy, let’s move on to the ‘good’ crazy. As probably the best Christmas present in the history of all presents, my mom gave me LASIK surgery! So I had it done this week. I totally thought I’d wuss out (as did a few other people who shall remain nameless) because yes, I am a total pansy. But I went through with it and it went great – I was pleasantly surprised at how painless it was! After my 6-hour (yep, SIX blissful hours!) nap after the procedure, I awoke to pretty darn clear vision. My day-after post-op visit I had 20/20 vision! And 3 days later, my vision is crystal-clear. It is crazy to not have to even think about glasses EVER AGAIN! I wore them for 20 years so it is really strange to be without them – but I can’t help but say goodbye & good riddance!
Lookin' HOT with my sleep goggles... I'm excited, can you tell!? 

No more need for any of this junk.  EVER!

But perhaps the biggest and best event was Thursday night, when our Lil’ Man took his first steps! Oh, the look on that kid’s face when he figured out he could let go and motor ahead without us holding on to him! He was so excited, he kept diving forward and tried to do it again and again. He’d squeal and giggle when we clapped for him (oh my, not another performer!) and has been loving practicing those wobbly drunken-legged toddler steps! It is so fun watching his determined little dimpled face light up when he realizes what he just did – I get all choked up when I think about how fast my little boy is growing up!  I haven't yet been able to capture the steps on video, he won't seem to try walking when there's not a Big Person to move toward, but I'll keep trying and will post a video when I can!

Let's hope this next week is a bit more peaceful!