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Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy First Birthday, Noah!

One year ago today (at exactly 10:24 pm!), I met an angel. A blue-eyed charmer with the cutest chin dimple you’ve ever seen, and a sweet-natured little dude who always has a smile for everyone. And I am lucky enough to be this precious little boys’ Mommy!

From the moment he entered into this world, I knew he was a fighter. The first 2 weeks of his life were pretty scary and uncertain, but he continues to prove that he is a tough little cuss and will give you hell if you cross him! They’re few and far between, but I’ve never seen a tantrum thrown quite like this kid does. At the same time he is a very gentle little old soul. He’ll sucker you in with one of his little looks, and then it’s all over!!

He’s very much a boy – while he does say a couple words, he remains a true “guy” in that he’d prefer to climb down the stairs headfirst than engage in a conversation or sit and cuddle. He is a rough and tumble kid, but he always has time for a quick snuggle too! He’s been a hugger from the start, but recently started burrowing his face into our shoulder and saying “awwww” and giving big sloppy kisses. It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen!

Being a Mom the 2nd time around has been a whole new challenge, but I think the old saying is true: there is always enough love to go around. I have truly enjoyed watching my kids grow closer and closer since little brother arrived. He absolutely adores his big sister and his face just lights up every time he sees her. She remains the only person who can get him to stop mid-tantrum and get him to erupt into giggles. They have their own weird communication thing, and it simultaneously frightens me and pleases me to no end! These kids are amazing. Being their mom is my proudest accomplishment. As I peek in at my little blond boy sleeping (in his usual hamster-like position in the corner of his crib), I get a little choked up at the thought of him growing up so quickly. But I can’t wait to see who this little man will become and what his impact on this world will be. I suspect great things are coming his way….

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy! I’m so grateful you’re in my life.

One of his first photos....

And the birthday boy on his big day!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Fourth Birthday Sweet Asha!

The Princess turns FOUR in a couple weeks, so we had her portraits done this weekend.  She is such a cheese for the camera, so we really had to work hard at getting her to smile naturally.  I love it when we're successful -- she has the cutest smile that will just light you up!

My pretty little lady!

There are those darling dimples!

Looking about 15 years old with that cute new haircut!

Love that little outfit!

More dimples!

She was really giggling here!  Sweet!

Daddy thinks she looks like Mommy in this one.  I'm not so sure!? 

This is actually her "I'm about to do something naughty" face...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring in Our Steps

The weather was SO PERFECT today!!  We spent more time outside than inside today, which was a welcome change after this long and crappy winter.  But now the deck is finished (it's beautiful, we love it, so glad the project is DONE!) the grass is green and we are ready to enjoy our little piece of land!  Some pics of the kiddos playing outside last night and today...

Running around on the new deck! (YAY!)


Swinging - his favorite!!

"Walk drunkenly and carry a big bat..."


Doin' the airplane before we went to get her portraits taken this morning

She made me take about 100 shots of her jumping before getting 'the perfect one'. 

Jordan diggin' in the dirt!  We're getting ready to plant grass where the hole used to be from the old swimming pool.

Lil' Man, also "pitching in" to help dig in the dirt.  Such a boy!!
Getting sand granules out of chubby baby fat rolls is fun stuff.

Found a ladybug!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

1 Year of My Little Man

It has been such a crazy few weeks, I'm afraid I've been slacking a bit with the ol' blog the past month.  And it doesn't really look like it's going to slow down anytime soon!  So I'll make this one short & sweet...mostly sweet!  I had Lil' Man's One-Year portraits taken on Saturday, and I think they turned out pretty dang cute!  Helps to have a cute model, though.  He was characteristically delightful during the photo session, charming the photographer and pointing at everything in the studio & asking "'dat?"  He got a great nap before we went, and didn't get his cute lil' outfit dirty, so Mama was pretty happy about that too!  Here's our little smiley prepster dude:
My favorite pose, this is SO him!!
All Smiles

Ready for the golf course?

Prince Charming

Love those Baby Blues!

Who's Number One?  I'M NUMBER ONE!!
We have a picture of his sister at this same age -- the two are making identical faces (both are even looking off to the side) and look very much alike.  Strange, because I really don't see them as looking very similar!