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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Two and Five"

Despite being just a few months behind schedule, I took the kiddos in for their "birthday portraits", taken the end of July.  When we got to the studio, the photographer asked how old they were turning, so I responded, "two and five."  Noah, ever the little parrot, starts repeating "two and five! two and five! two and five!" until he nearly drove his parents and sister bonkers!  Apparently, this little phrase was pretty catchy: We're potty training now, and use M&M's as a little reward when he goes on the potty.  If he does the deed, I'll ask him "Ok, so how many M&M's do you want?" and he always responds, "TWO AND FIVE!"  Glad to see those Christman "weirdo genes" are starting to show up in that kid...
Anyway, here are the results of our photo-session.  The patriotic red-white-n-blue theme wasn't intentional but they sure do look like the All-American kids don't they!?  Not sure how it happened that these little monkeys grew up so dang fast!
Hello my smiley little man.  I happen to think you are the cutest two year old boy on earth!  That chin dimple is too much & I just wanna smooch your pudgy toddler cheeks all day long!

Anyone else think he looks a lot like Daddy here? Right down to that dang untameable cowlick on the back of his head!

This look usually says one of two things: 1) I'm tired and wanna snuggle or 2) I'm kinda bored and am about to get reeeal naughty.  The goose egg on my forehead [*head butt*] is a sign that I have not yet learned the subtle nuances between the two.

Looks like he's about to share some "wisdom according to Noah"

Silly goob.  This so very well captures him though, my contemplative little comedian!

Love those sparkly blue eyes!
Miss Ash has always been so very photogenic, plus she's such a little poser that photographers usually just eat her up when she comes in for pics! But this time I wasn't so sure. When I went to daycare to pick the kids up, I realized that all the big kids were on their daily excursion to the city pool!  So Mommy sped like a maniac across town, grabbed her out of the pool on that super-hot day, face bright-red, hair sopping wet, and looking rather like a wrinkly newborn field mouse.  Attractive.  But, thanks to Daddy's fancy brush-work and ingenius use of the air-conditioning system in the minivan, she arrived at the studio 15 minutes later looking adorable as all getout, with her dry(ish) locks and non-fuschia skin tone! 

We had a hard time getting her to stop giggling so her face wasn't all scrunched up in the pics... this turned out pretty cute though!  And how about that outfit?!  She's very in to "zebra stripes" lately!  I totally want those shoes...

Thought it looked ridiculous when the photorapher was having her pose like this, but it actually turned out pretty darn cute! 

My favorite shot of her... just so "Asha"!

Hello pretty girl.  How come you grew up so fast?
Then we did some shots of the two of them together.  I was a little worried that bossy big sis and independent little bro would not cooperate... but thankfully, they proved me wrong! 

This one was so that Mommy could remember the height difference between them at this age.  I can't believe how quickly Noah is catching up to his (tall-for-her-age) sister!

They had just erupted into giggles here, I think the photographer captured their silliness pretty well!

My favorite shot of the whole session - this is totally them in their element!

So sweet.  Big sis takes such good care of her little bro, and while sometimes he pays her kindness back with a little shove, most of the time he can be found right by her side, tagging along and looking for a hug!  Yes, they have their fair share of battles, but it is so incredible to see how close these two have become!