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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Grandpa and the Inappropriate Snowman

Grandma & Grandpa came to visit last weekend.  The weather was just starting to turn nice, so G & G took the kiddos outside to let them run off a little of that pent-up excess energy they've been storing up all these long winter months.  We hardly had enough snow this winter to do any building with, so what better activity on a warmish spring day, (following a snowstorm that dumped 12" of snow) than to build a snowman!?! 

Posing with their work of art

But this was not just any snowman.  Nope, this was a Chuck Christman special. 
It was a snowoman.  And she had a snow rack.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen: snowboobs.

Really, children?!  Those are NOT sno-cones.
I guess it had slipped my mind that this was his "signature" move.  I used to find it absolutely hysterical as a kid when Dad would help us roll up a snow mistress and slap a couple snowballs on her for good measure. We'd giggle as we watched Mom pull in to the yard and notice our snowperson... wearing a handkerchief for a bikini and sporting a jaunty hat.  She'd scold us, but I'm pretty sure Dad was the one who would get an earful for his part in the shenanigans.  For some reason, now that I'm the mom, it's not nearly as hilarious.  But they all had a blast, and that's what counts.  I doubt the kids will soon forget this adventure!

And apparently, Ms. Snowlady is a smoker too.  Classy, Gramps. 

I heard that at one point there was a request made by the youngest contributor to the snow sculpture:  to use dog turds as the eyes, nose & mouth.  Thankfully, Grandma intervened, and they opted instead for some lava rocks from the rock bed...

It's like having a Vegas showgirl right in the backyard.
Ah, but alas, the lovely Ms.Snowlady perished in the warm Dakota sun.  2 days after she was created, she met her untimely demise:  all that remained was a pile of lava rocks and her 'cigarette butt'. 

What a difference a week makes!  We awoke to nearly 50-degree temps today, with a high of nearly 75... SO unusual for this time of year around here!  My floppy, out-of-shape, glowing-white winter legs got a heck of a workout with all the bike rides to the park we've taken these last warm nights.  We spent the majority of the day outside today, and plan to do the same tomorrow -- we'll take what we can get because you never know when it'll be snowing again.
7 days later... perfectly comfy with no coats, and even SWEATING on this beautiful 75 degree day! In MARCH!

Dare I say it?  "HAPPY SPRING!!!"

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