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Monday, January 18, 2010

Off the Wagon

UGH.  Worst. Diet. Week. Ever.  2 offsite lunches for work and a weekend out of town with family (dining out every meal), and I'm back to square one.  Or maybe I should say "swear one", cuz that's what I've been doing since my weigh-in this morning!

But this will not faze me!  Despite this little setback, I am more motivated than ever to lose these baby pounds.  Why?  Because I saw myself in a bathing suit this weekend...and it ain't pretty.  *shudder*

On the brighter side, I am really enjoying the new elliptical.  I don't feel so sore I can't move, but I feel like the ol' muscles are getting a workout!  I'm adopting a new slogan:  "the 3 P's of Weight Loss:  Patience, Persistence, and Pass (as in "Pass-on-any-food-that-looks-delicious-because-it's-probably-bad-for-you".)"  Tomorrow marks the beginning of week 3, here's hoping this one's a lot better than the last!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No More Excuses

The elliptical *gasp* has *wheeeze* arrived *pant, pant*!! Got a great workout assembling it, maybe tomorrow I'll actually run on it...

I am SO fortunate to be working for this company!  Our "Stay Fit" benefit has allowed us to buy a wonderful piece of fitness equipment that will last us a long time and hopefully get a lot of miles put on it!  Both Jordan and I each get the reimbursement amount so that is double-super-awesome.  In addition, we the benefit renews yearly, so we will eventually have a house full of workout equipment, mountain bikes, and whatnot! 

So NO MORE EXCUSES -- we are getting active!  We really miss living in the Hills and not having season passes to the ski resort 5 miles from home...and easy access to hiking trails...and beautiful bike trails... and other great outdoor activities.  But we'll just have to find fun active things to do as a family here in the Flatlands, snow or shine!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bush League Resolutions

I usually think New Year's resolutions are, to use Jordan's favorite term, "bush league". Everyone knows New Year's resolutions don't last, especially if you're like me, who has the willpower of a monkey in a banana store. But it's time for a change for this family! The Franz & I are not getting any younger. It's getting harder & harder to keep the same 'shape' we had 10 years ago. Our kids need good role models when it comes to health, and who better than their parents to provide a good example! While our eating habits aren't necessarily bad (we actually do sit down to a nice square meal at least a few nights a week!) our exercise habits are non-existent. Our jobs keep us tied to the computer screen for 8-9 hours a day; when we get home we park it in front of the tube or the Xbox or SIT to play or read with the kids. We need to get movin' before we become giant gelatinous blobs of nerdiness...

So last Monday (Jan 4th) our family started an "Eat Better, Exercise More" plan. We are intentionally vague because we are trying to make these goals reasonable and obtainable. Exercising 3 hours a day and eating all-organic vegetarian meals ain't gonna happen; but exercising 30 minutes a day 3 times a week and including a fruit/veggie with every meal is certainly doable! And we are cutting down our dining out allowance to ONE meal per week (none, if possible)! Hopefully this will help both the budget and the waistline!

I plan to blog our little journey so I can look back and see the progress we do (or don't) make and learn from it; I'm hoping that by making my plan public it will help motivate me to keep up the work! This will be no easy task. I've still got plenty of extra baby pounds (I think when your baby turns 1 you can't use the excuse "but I just had a baby!" to explain your extra paunch...) and Jordan has high blood pressure and a beer belly (no comment!). But I'm very glad to have a partner in my efforts! We're more concerned about changing our habits permanently than we are losing "numbers", but hopefully the numbers will reflect the changes made!

So here's my first update: Day 7 of The Big New Year's Resolution to become a healthier Me!

We've been so busy this past week I've actually had to skip several meals -- I know, not a great way to encourage good nutrition. But on the bright side, at least I'm not stuffing my face with calories. And there really is something to be said about that "all-coffee" diet!

My exercise routine this week has been crawling around on the floor with Lil'Man and chasing after him when he runs for the stairs. We bought an elliptical trainer on Saturday but it won't be in until Wednesday; I can't wait to get started on that! I spent the weekend cleaning out our spare room in the basement, which will be the Elliptical's new home. My iPod is loaded up & ready to roll. I may or may not have a pair of legwarmers at the ready… suffice it to say, I’m actually excited for this!

Jordan purchased a kettle bell set this weekend and got a head start on me; we’re doing measurements & “before” pictures tomorrow (oh, dear God…) And NO, we will not be posting either measurements OR before pictures on the blog...

Down 3 pounds since 1/4/10 (woohoo!)

Rebirth of a Blog

So I found this old blog 'lying around' -- it's been over 7 years since my last post to it! Some of these old blog posts are HIL-ARIOUS.   I started this when I was taking a "Poetry of Rock" English Lit class at NDSU (I think it was part of our grade) just before Jordan & I got married.

Wow, how times have changed since that last post!

I have been wanting to get back into blogging for awhile, but never thought I had anything very interesting to say. Not that I do NOW, but I've got a few new things going on that I'd like to share!

1. For the past 15 years or so, I've had an interest in photography; I've just never had the time/money/motivation to pursue it as a hobby. My fantastic husband got me a DSLR for my birthday. I want to learn and experiment and I'd love to share my photos along the way.

2. The Big New Year's Resolution. More to come on that...

3. I have kids now. They are cute. Their cuteness should be shared & recorded for posterity. Blogs are a good place to do that, so... there's that.

Until I have more interesting things to say....