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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Manly Men

I sometimes feel like I need to start a spin-off blog with the quips this two-year old of mine has been throwing out lately.  I think I'll call it "Sh*t my son says"...

This evening I was upstairs finishing up some work on my laptop, when I overheard heard my boys talking downstairs in the family room.  Noah had been playing with his tool kit and says (as he always does) to Jordan, "Hey Dad!  We're MEN!"

Daddy says, "Yeah we are. And what do men do?"

Noah: "Watch TV!"

Dad: "Oh yeah, what else?"

Noah: "We can bounce balls.  And we sit on our butts."

Dad got a good chuckle out of that one, and apparently decided to goad the kid on:  "Sounds like us for sure.  What else do men do?"

Noah: "Eat pizza?"

Dad: "Yep! What else?"

Noah: "And burp and fart!"

Dad: "AWESOME!  Anything else?"

Noah: "And we sleep in our own beds!"
My sincerest apologies to my future daughter-in-law...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Guess Who's Coming to Town?

Guess Who's Coming to Town?

Last Friday, I got to take a trip with Bam-Bam's daycare class over to our favorite holiday spot - Santa's Village.  The brave souls (aka the "2's Teachers") fed, napped, pottied, and bundled up 24 little munchkins before some of us parents joined the group for the trek over to the park for the big outing. 

As soon as we got there, unbundled, and split the group into two more manageable groups of toddlers, No-Fear Noah was the first kid to hop up on Santa's lap. He asked Santa for a Brachiosaurus. Santa throws me kindof a panicked look, but then very sweetly says, "well, have you been a nice little boy this year?"
Noah: "Yeah! I'm a good boy!"
Santa: "Okay then, I think I can manage to bring you a dinosaur for Christmas."
Noah immediately jumps off his lap, yells, "okay! Let's go get it!" and tries to pull Santa up off the chair -- there will be none of this waiting for Christmas morning nonsense, he needs this dino RIGHT NOW.  Bless his heart, Santa managed to salvage the moment by telling him all about how if you are kind to your sister and helpful to your Mom & Dad, when Christmas morning comes that dinosaur will be in your stocking.

Crap.  Anybody happen to know where I could find a Brachiosaurus for sale?

Noah and his new friend Santa Claus

Santa even got fist-pounds from some very excited little boys, prepping him for his long trek on Christmas Eve.  The boys were also particularly interested in un-decorating the beautiful Christmas trees that decked the halls of Santa's Village.  Mrs. Claus was less successful in getting the gang to sit still for storytime.  (But really, Mrs. Claus, they're two - did you really expect complete silence and full participation from this crowd?)

Noah & Mama, still smiling after being told for the 12 billionth time, "DON'T TOUCH THE TRAIN!!" 
He also snatched a $1 bill out of the toy train (a collection for the local Food Pantry).
I'd be impressed if I weren't so mortified.

Asha's nose was pretty out of joint that her bro got to go to Santa's Village, but she wouldn't get to attend because she'd be in school.  We went there the past two years as a family outing, but fighting those crowds just didn't seem like a whole lot of fun with a rambunctious two-year-old in tow, especially one who had already seen the wonders this place had to behold.  But Mommy took pity on her, and we ventured across the neighbor's backyard to the Village late that Saturday afternoon.  We quickly discovered that is definitely the time to go!  No crowds, no lines, unlimited access to the craft table, and plenty of time to give Santa the entire rundown of your wish list.

That's a whole lot of sparkly blue eyes!
Decorating cookies with Mrs. Claus.  Dear old Mrs. Claus shared plenty of Christmas-themed jokes, which Asha has since repeated constantly to anyone who will listen (and even those who won't).  And quite the cute little elf, if I do say so myself!

Ornament making was her favorite activity, followed by a visit to Dasher & Blitzen, then a carefully worded request to Old St. Nick to bring this very good little girl something special in her stocking Christmas morning.  So while we went on separate trips, I must say we all thoroughly enjoyed the Santa Village for the 3rd year in a row! 

Seeing all the Christmas cheer at the Village also inspired me to get my hiney in gear and get the Christmas decorations put up in our house.  Despite the ZERO snowfall we have on the ground as of December 14th (!), it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!