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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Our Starlet Takes the Stage

It's no secret... at least not to anyone who's checked their Facebook, Twitter, email, text messages, voicemail, standard mailbox, or has come within 100 yards of Grama & Grampa within the past couple weeks... that The Princess made her debut in her first stage production this past Saturday. 

Perhaps the term "stage production" may be a bit overboard, but it was actually a very well done little show! The team of 2 actor/directors from Missoula Children's Theater arrived Monday afternoon at the school to audition the kiddos, selected their cast (of Elementary-aged kids, mind you!), then immediately started rehearsing.  By Saturday morning they had an amazingly well-oiled machine and all 60-some kiddos hit the stage for 2 really fun & entertaining performances of "Red Riding Hood". 

If you can't tell, we were just a smidge excited about this whole thing. Mommy & Daddy, being the big fat nerd-o super theater geeks we are, could barely contain our pride when she landed the role of... Raccoon #6.

Yep.  Stardom is her destiny.

Anyone who's ever met Asha can attest to the fact that she was born ready to be a drama queen.  Like a reeeal big one.  With a huge imagination, a love of playing dress-up, propensity to randomly burst into song/rhyme, and the vocabulary of your average English Literature doctoral candidate.  Reality generally tends to elude her.  So we figured she'd be pretty comfortable up there on that stage, pretending.

She sang, she danced, she looked like a deer in the headlights.  (Err... raccoon in the headlights?)

Once onstage, she was so stoic, subdued, & mature, I barely recognized my own offspring (maybe that was just the mask?!)  She didn't forget one single line and appeared confident in the choreography and song lyrics: but nothing more, nothing less, than EXACTLY what she was told to do by the director. WHAT!?!  WHO ARE YOU!!!?? (*what Shanna doesn't know is that we've secretly replaced her regular 5-year old with a decaf version*) But when it came time to shake her little booty-tail in the raccoon dance... now, that was epic.  This was where that giant twinkly-eyed smile spread across her face and her inner bustamove really shined through!  She sold it.

Ta-daaaa!  Those costumes were absolutely darling!
Have I mentioned the child also excels at bossing?  She's a real pro.  Note the kid to the left of her... y'know, the only one not wearing his raccoon mask during photo call?  He seemed to have some, uhh, 'distraction issues' onstage.  Like every time they were supposed to move somewhere, he was too busy spinning in circles, staring directly into the spotlights, or deeply fascinated by his neighbor's shoes to pay attention to what's next.  So Ash apparently took it upon herself to be his "wrangler".  For example, when it came time for the line of little Raccoons to exit stage right, she'd grab his shoulders, turn him about-face and literally push him forward offstage.  She didn't utter a word, but shot him that face which I know to mean, "Son, you best quit screwin' around and get your little raccoon @#& moving along."

The little Raccoons (K-1), she is 3rd from left in the back row

Robin Hood (Center, in green) was probably my favorite child-actor ever. Casting perfection!!

Bam Bam attended the early performance, sat still and silent (I know, right?!), fascinated by the whole deal.  I should say, silent UNTIL... the moment big sister came on stage, when he'd point out: "There's Asha! Right there! She has zebra shoes! I see her!  DO YOU SEE HER!!!!???"  I feel we may have another little theater geek on our hands with him too, as he has been singing Red Riding Hood songs all week, after only watching one performance!  The whole production was an excellent learning experience for Asha, and a fantastic source of enjoyment for our whole family!

The whole cast of Red Riding Hood

Her buddy Nolan (and his wonderful Mama!) surprised both Asha & myself by making an appearance at the afternoon showing.  He brought her sweet is that?!  I may be biased but I think these might just be the two cutest 5-year olds on Earth!  He looks terrified of her... haha!

The best "Nanny" on earth

Her two biggest fans posing with the star following curtain call.  Papa even got an autograph!  They made a biiiiig detour from their vacation to come all the way up here to see the show, but something tells me that even the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse couldn't have stopped them from being here for this!!

And a very proud Mommy gets a smooch from her big girl.
And here it is... the big number.  Alllll 2.5 minutes of it! ;) 

And don't forget to wash your hands!

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GG said...

AWESOME! I especially LOVE the adorable pic of Grandma Kerry and Papa Chuck with there favorite little starlet!