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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Bedtime Story

I just had to share with you the monologue which my sweet princess delivered to me tonight, as she was procrastinating her task at hand:  bedtime.

There are times when I just kindof gawk at her, astonished at how much this little person who looks nothing like me can be so VERY MUCH EXACTLY LIKE ME…. with her ADD-induced tangeants, and yet, with her father's uncanny ability to deliver full "sermons" that no one really cares to hear.   She cracks me up so much.  After she finished reading me her own bedtime story, I literally could not squeeze a word in during her stream-of-consciousness rant!  Believe me when I tell you:  this is the GREATLY CONDENSED version of her 7-minute soliloquy:

"Mom, I had kindof a quiet day, because I was feeling a little sick to my tummy so I had to go lay on a mat and it had red stripes on one side and blue on the other and I picked blue because it's my favorite, well, except for pink which is really my favorite and then Mrs. Nelson said I had to wake up and I got a little crabby and I told Morgan to stop talking to me and she got mad at me but she never stops talking and I was feeling tired 'cuz you guys woke me up too early and I couldn't sleep last night because I was so worried about you and I am really nervous about being a Raccoon and why in the world do they say "wash your hands"? if you tried to wash a raccoon you'd get all scratched up and they'd hiss at you, also, Dad said he's gonna help with the set but then how I am gonna get home because Noah needs a nap and are you even gonna make my own costume or what and is your video camera charged because grama said to tape the show... hey, when are you gonna get my swim pass because we need to sew it on to my new swimsuit and did you order me a new bed because this one is really squeaky but then if I get a new bed can we paint my walls because I really want pink but maybe we should just paint it green and then Noah could sleep in here sometimes too are you even gonna eat tonight you should because Dad made cheesy ranch hamburger helper and it was so good Noah even ate some and didn't throw a fit and get in timeout which is good because then he got to watch a movie and he always picks how to Train Your Dragon but I don't like that one I wanted to watch Mary Poppins instead, hey, 'member when Noah used to say "Fox and the Howard" instead of Hound? He's so funny...*yaaawwn* I'm not very tired, can I stay up and read the rest of "If I Ran the Circus" because I have to take that back to school on library day which is it Thursday yet?"

"Nope, not yet.  Go to sleep, Noodle."

Big, sleepy, toothless grin, "But I'm not even tired Mom."

I love that kid.

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Abbey said...

Love this! She is a mini you which is a wonderfully good thing!