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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Our New Family Member

So the Old Man & I have been debating getting a family dog for... well, a long time.  We both grew up with dogs, so we know how much fun (ok, and how much work) they are!  We've had Tweek (our cat) for 7 years and he is awesome, a very low-maintenance pet who could honestly give a crap if we pay attention to him besides keeping the food dish full.  He's been a breeze.  We like "breeze".  Normally dogs aren't so much "breezy".  And yet, here we are:  brand new owners of what is quite possibly the cutest little puppy on the planet!  She is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / Mini Poodle (aka "Cavapoo"). 


One ecstatic little girl has a new best friend and has worn this poor puppy out in the few short hours we've had her at home:

Lil' Man is fascinated by her too.  Here, puppy licks baby's foot.  Baby squeals with delight and pulls puppy's tail.  Love at first sight:
Of course Daddy has a bit of a soft spot for cute puppies and cute little girls...

Tweek is less than thrilled.  Though he outsizes the pup by about 3x, he is not amused that we let this little pipsqueak into his castle.  But so far, the rest of us are enjoying the "honeymoon" stage of puppy ownership!  Stay tuned for more adventures... 

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