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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Cuteness Overload

We got the opportunity to spend some time this Christmas getting to know the newest member of the Franzen family, Miss Josey Dell.  When we last saw her in August, Asha was a huge fan - Noah, not so much.  In fact, after placing her on his lap his exact words were "I don't like her", as he hastily handed the little bundle back to her Mama (yup, he's got his father's tact).  But this time around was quite different for Bam Bam -- he really took to his very smiley little cousin, and right away asked if he could hold her.  The "awwwww" factor went through the roof...

These two could be a lot of trouble in the very near future...
They became fast friends -- mostly because when Noah asked her "Hey Josey, do you like dragons?", she just beamed -- leading him to the conclusion of course that she does indeed like dragons.

If you thought getting two kids to sit still for a nice picture was tough...
Auntie Shanna snuck in some snuggle time with the babes

Even Uncle Jordy stole a smooch or two on those chubby cheeks
And these sweet blue-eyed girls -- Asha was in 7th heaven snuggling and playing with her little cousin (but who wouldn't be, how adorable is this babykins!?)  Ash was quite the good little helper too, and took full advantage of every moment she was allowed to hold Josey and spoil her! 

I found these insanely cute Viking beanies on Etsy, and had one custom-made for each of our little Nordic  babies.  I should have tried to get a pic of all three of them, but well, easier said than done...

Such a smiley little nugget - a very good little girl with plenty of grins & giggles to go around in spite of her extremely noisy and busy older cousins

We had a very merry Viking Christmas!

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